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BENTOFLUX SA - Our History



SC BENTOFLUX SA was founded in 1991 by the partial splitting of the Company  of Spare Pieces  and Equipment for the Chemical Industry, according to the Law 15/1990,  having integral state capital.


The first information about the economic activity performed by the company dates from the year of 1930 when the company had manufactured paints, candles and other chemical products.


Since 1951 the company produced bentonite, being among the first of its kind in the country. Between the years 1994 - 1996 the company was privatized by subscription of coupons, and in the year of 1998 it was completely privatized by selling shares through public offering.


In 2004, as an effect of the social capital increase with the inside land, according to GD 738/2003, the State through FPS has became shareholder with a total of 900842 shares.

Since 2004 it has implemented ISO 9001 quality system, BENTOFLUX SA becoming the first company in Romania that produces bentonite which has a certified system of supervision, recognized by UKAS in the UK.


Starting with the year of 2000 we visited other companies in our country and from abroad (Ukraine, Hungary, Turkey, Poland, Germany, Slovakia) to assess the market of bentonite, costs covered by other economic agents, processors of bentonite, the technology used and also the future of the products of bentonite. The conclusion was that bentonite products have hundreds of uses and to withstand on the market it is imposed reducing costs and increasing the quality of the finished product.


Since 2004 we began testing other methods of drying the bentonite, meaning that I contacted people who had experience in drying products microwave in the country (Buzau and Bucharest) and abroad (Hungary - Budapest and Veszprém and Germany).


To ensure that the drying process is feasible we developed a research project by the POS CCE which was completed in June 2013. The results were encouraging. The new process, on one hand, and through acquired technology significantly reduces the production costs and also increases the quality of finished products.


The bentonite used by the company as raw material is extracted from fields located in the New Town (Orasul Nou), which has the advantage of not containing heavy or radioactive elements, nor in traces, which determine its usability in various special applications (medical or cosmetics).


Bentonite deposits are also found in Chioarului Valley, at about 80 km and in Ukraine (city of Ielnita) at about 70-80 km.


SC Bentoflux SA has technological knowledges (recipes) required for the manufacture of 25 types of bentonite used in various fields of economy: hot sectors, agriculture, drilling, zootechnics, food industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, technology of organic coatings, cosmetics, environmental protection, hydro-constructions, laboratories, special applications, nanotechnology.


Classification of the main varieties of bentonite manufactured by the company after the field of use:

  • Hot Sectors - foundries
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Zootechnics
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Chemistry pure – Nanotechnology


Currently, besides the kinds of bentonite, the company produces:

  • Zgurex
  • flows for foundries
  • putty
  • adhesives.


SC BENTOFLUX SA is in a major process of refurbishment, which has already implemented two projects financed from European funds, as follows:


  1. Modernization of the production hall and the purchase of machinery, Contract no. 4m / 401 000/5 / 01.07.2014
  • Total project value: 1,738,086.56 lei,
  • Grant eligible amount: 709,507.26 lei.


Acquisitions: Front loader, perlite crusher, dispenser with the plate bentonite- perlite, elevator with cups, intermediate bunker bentonite-perlite, mill bentonite, perlite mill, bunker for storage of milled products, automatic packing installation and modernization works for production spaces.


  1. Foundation of Laboratory in SC BENTOFLUX SA
  • Total project value: 684,488.93 lei,
  • Grant eligible amount: 359,012.64 lei.



  • Modernization works of the existing laboratory, including installations;
  • Appliances, instruments, equipment and furniture for testing and calibration laboratories;
  • IT equipment and software use.


Other activities of the company:


Archiving services: archiving activity consists in taking various documents and / or written materials covered by the legislation that regulates the documents regime, issued by companies or firms. Keeping them must be provided by the law.


Wholesale and Retail with fish and fish products






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