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The main types of fabricated bentonites, by field of use:

  • Hot Sectors - foundries
  • Constructions
  • Agriculture, Zootechnics
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry
  • Chemical Industry


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We have a wide range of products for both to prevent environmental pollution and fast intervention in cases of accidental pollution with petroleum products, vegetable oils and other chemical pollutants.

Because of the hydrophobic and oleophilic characteristics of the product, they have the property of selectively adsorbed pollutants in an aqueous medium without absorbing water.

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BENTOFLUX SA became in 2004 the first company in Romania that produces bentonite, which has implemented


The Quality System ISO 9001 14001 and a certified supervisory system recognized by the RENAR Bucharest and UKAS in the UK.




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